The Library has purchased a subscription for ANTS alumni/ae to have free access to ATLAS, the full-text journal article database produced by the American Theological Library Association.

In the busyness of parish and ministry life, continuing with scholarly pursuits usually takes the backseat to more urgent matters. Now you have a convenient way to keep up with current scholarship. Here you can find the research on scripture passages for your next sermon series, or research topical areas of interest to you.

This database allows you to search for journal articles by subject, author, title and even Scripture passages. There is a browse list of the journals that are included so you can browse the table of contents and even entire back issues of Christian Century, Christianity Today or Theology Today if you wish.

Note: Some publishers do not permit their latest issues in full-text format so they don't lose their subscriber base.

Here are some quick examples of how ATLAS can be used:

1. For your sermon based on Matthew 5:43-47, go to the ATLAS Search Page under Scripture index, enter Matthew 5 You can click on any one and see the full text of the article. Note: Some journals are inconsistent in how Scripture passages are indexed so do the search again in the Subject index to see if you get more or different items.

2. You’d like to keep up with Professor Mark Heim's latest scholarship. Type Mark Heim in the author line and get a list of articles he has written and reviews of his books (63 citations as of January 11, 2006). Or see what others say about him by typing Mark Heim in the subject line.

3. Your youth group is heading for Guatemala this summer and you'd like to read current articles about the state of Christianity in that country. Type Guatemala on the subject line and limit your search by year (try 2000-2006) and get a host of articles.

4. You are looking for a poem on Easter questions by J. Barrie Shepherd that you remember reading in Christian Century in the last few years. Type Barrie Shepherd in the author line and see what comes up (Christian Century poems are indexed!) Or, try Journal Browse, select Christian Century, and then select the last issue of each year to check the annual index.

You can access the ATLAS database by logging in at the Alumni/ae Center. If you haven’t registered, do so first to get authorization. Then select the button for ATLAS access.