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E-Learning Program: Frequently Asked Questions

What Is E-Learning? What Are The Deadlines?
Is It Necessary To Have Access To The Internet And E-Mail? Is Financial Aid Available?
Who Can Take E-Learning Courses? May I Audit An E-Learning Class?
Do They Count Toward A Degree Program? Can I Complete A Degree Program In The E-Learning Format?
How Do I Get Started With E-Learning? Can I Take E-Learning Courses In The Summer and Winter Terms?
How Do I Apply and Register? Can I Get A Preview Of Some E-Learning Courses?
How Do I Get access to the ANTS Student Portal? How Do I Order Course Materials?
Is Help Available?

What is E-Learning?
At Andover Newton, E-learning refers to online graduate courses that use the World Wide Web, e-mail and some printed materials to engage students in learning. Through our E-learning Program, you don't have to be "on-site" to take courses for credit at ANTS. Of course, if you live close by, we welcome you to visit the campus and use the ANTS library! But E-learning courses are designed so those students at a distance can learn without having to travel to the campus.

Is It Necessary To Have Access To The Internet And E-mail?
Yes. You will be required to submit your e-mail address when you register. In order to use the course software, you will need either Internet Explorer, version 6.0 or higher, or Netscape Navigator, version 6.0 or higher.

It is recommended that you connect to the internet with a broadband connection (DSL or cable modem). If you use a dialup connection, a 56K modem is recommended. Your connection may be slow if you connect to the internet with anything less than a 56k modem.

Who Can Take E-Learning Courses?
Andover Newton students (degree candidates in all programs and special students), students in other seminaries, pastors and other persons in ministry, and interested laypersons with undergraduate degrees may take ANTS E-learning courses.

Do They Count Toward A Degree Program?
These are fully accredited graduate courses that "count" toward the completion of ANTS degree programs. Andover Newton students may take up to one third of the total number of credits of their programs online.

Students from other seminaries (Exchange students) should consult their registrars about the number of transfer credits and credits in an online format allowed by their home schools' policies.

Other persons - non-matriculating E-learning students (NEL) may take as many courses as they wish. If they contemplate a move into an ANTS degree program in the future, up to 15 credits from the courses taken as an NEL may be used toward the degree program.


How Do I Apply and Register?
You must apply and register for E-learning courses with the ANTS' registrar's office. The registration process depends on your status as a student.

Directions for Registration

How Do I Get access to the Student Portal?

After your registration is complete, you will receive an e-mail that contains your username and password for the CAMS Student Portal, our campus portal system, where you can access your courses. Your account information will be mailed two weeks prior to the start of your online course.

For questions about your online account, contact Help Desk: ext. 2402 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


What Are The Deadlines?
Deadlines for applying and registering for E-learning courses are the same as all other courses at ANTS. Please see the Admissions Section for details.

Is Financial Aid Available?
Financial Aid is available to eligible ANTS students in degree programs. Students from other seminaries should check with their financial aid offices to determine whether off-campus courses count in their eligibility for financial aid from their home schools. No financial assistance from ANTS is available for non-matriculated students.

May I Audit An E-Learning Class?
Yes, but space for auditors is limited and is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. However, ANTS degree students may not currently audit E-learning courses free of tuition charges. Students from other seminaries, Exchange Students and NEL's should check the "audit" box on their respective application/registration forms. The tuition charge for auditing a course is $650 for Exchange and NEL students (other fees also apply).

Normally, auditors are expected to participate fully in the coursework and class discussions, but they may not expect their papers to be read or their performance in the class to be evaluated. NO RETROACTIVE CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR AUDITED CLASSES.

Can I Complete A Degree Program In The E-learning Format?
Many courses, both required and elective, may be taken toward the completion of a program. A student can complete up to one third of any degree program through E-learning.

Can I Take E-Learning Courses In the Summer and Winter Terms?
Yes. Please see the course schedule for details.

Can I Get a Preview of Some E-Learning Courses?
Yes. The course outlines for the Fall and Spring semesters are posted on the ANTS web site, starting in early July of each year. Go to the Web site and select Elearning, then Courses.

How Do I Order Course Materials?
First, check the course syllabus to see if your instructor requires a coursepack from XanEdu Publications Service. If you need to order a coursepack, it will be listed under "Required Books" in the syllabus. Contact and place an order for your course materials when they become available. Sometimes, you will need to wait a little while (especially if you registered early - please be patient).

To order from XanEdu, you must first create an account on Follow this procedure to create an account and order a coursepack:

  1. Go to the XanEdu Web site at

  2. Under the login area, click Register to create an account on Xanedu.

  3. In the Login/Registration page, click Student Registration.

  4. Fill in all required information in the Student Registration form.
    Remember your username and password.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. In the Confirmation page, click Continue.

  7. Click Select a new Coursepack.

  8. In the Coursepack page, select the Coursepack you want to purchase, then follow the online instructions for completing your purchase.

Please note the following important info on the purchase order:
"Important: You are purchasing an electronic CoursePack. To access your CoursePack after your purchase, log in at "

Second, textbooks may be ordered by phone (ext. 2440) or by fax (617-969-7965). Be prepared to have the correct course number(s) and title(s), and have your credit card information ready.

Is Help Available?
Yes, a dedicated staff is available to assist you with your questions about ANTS' E-learning Program.

For technical questions, contact the Help Desk.
(800) 964-ANTS, ext. 2402 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

For general questions about .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), contact Jeff Jones.
(800) 964-ANTS, ext. 2364 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Updated May 1, 2007