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Scholarship Information

E-Financial Aid Resources

Scholarship information on the World Wide Web is nearly unlimited. The sites listed on this page are offered only as a guide for students. Andover Newton Theological School does not endorse any site or guarantee the information. As with all work on the Web, students are reminded to be aware of computer viruses and exercise all usual caution.

Scholarships, Financial Aid & Resources Web Sites:

The following sites are a mix of financial/scholarship/loan information. While most scholarships are designated for undergraduate study, funds for graduate study do exist. Remember that information about scholarships is free—you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Some of these sites may use the same search engine.

Denominational/Church/Theological Web Sites: --American Baptist Churches, USA (ABC), educational ministries --The United Church of Christ (UCC) --The United Methodist Church --Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) --Presbyterian Church (note: this replaces their Scholarship Catalog) --The Fund for Theological Education, Inc.

International Student Scholarship Information Web Sites: --Canada’s One-stop Resource site --International Student Information --International Education Financial Aid --International Scholarship Information --International scholarships, visa advice, insurance

Other Helpful Web Sites for Students: --Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) filing site --Student Gateway to the U.S. Government --List of credit informational WEB sites --Masonic: Eastern Star Religious Education Scholarshipv --Hispanic Scholarship Fund --Hispanic Theological Initiative (Doctoral grants) --U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service --U.S. Internal Revenue Service site --Massachusetts Bible Society --Massachusetts State government --Federal Citizens Information Center --U.S. Veterans Information site

Note: remember that Web information and site addresses are constantly changing. Staying current with scholarship information may require double-checking criteria and deadlines. Sometimes the best information can be obtained by a quick telephone call.