Andover Newton's Newton Centre Campus in 1850

Keys to Andover Newton History

Since 1807, the Andover Newton community has crossed borders, climbed over barriers, and made connections. The nation’s oldest theological school and its first graduate institution, Andover Newton’s many innovations created the model used by almost all American theological schools today.

Few schools of any kind have had as profound and lasting an impact on American life--- in religious and public service, in government, on public and higher education, in literature, linguistics, scholarship, social justice, equality, freedom, and the development of America’s core ideals and values. Andover Newton alumni and alumnae have included founders of schools and colleges around the world. many nationally distinguished preachers, clergymen, and scholars of theology, three presidents of Brown University, the 9th president of Dartmouth College, and the author of the national hymn, “America.”

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Illustration: Andover Newton's Newton Centre Campus as it was in 1850. From a drawing by Amanda Rice.