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Appleton Chase

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Demographics: Appleton-Chase is a 2-floor, single-room occupancy, co-ed dormitory. There are 30 rooms. Each bathroom is shared by two rooms. There is a kitchen on each floor, a large lounge on the basement level, and a smaller lounge on the second floor. Laundry facilities (coin operated) are also on the basement level as well as a small storage area. Each full-time student has his or her own room. Overnight commuters also stay in designated rooms in this residence hall one to three nights each week. ANTS residents must select the full meal plan option. Non-ANTS residents must choose from any of the appropriate board plan options.   There is no smoking in this or any other ANTS residence.

Bathrooms: Each full bathroom is shared between two suitemates. Each is responsible for purchasing cleaning supplies and keeping their rooms and bathrooms clean at all times. Toilet paper is stored in a linen closet (see residence representative for assistance). The building also has public restrooms on the first floor.

Kitchen: Each floor has a kitchen for the use of all students. Students share equipment and should mark their things plainly. Students bring and store their own food, which must be clearly labeled and thrown away if not used. Although Buildings and Grounds is responsible for cleaning the floor, every student is responsible for keeping the kitchen neat and clean.

Lounge: The basement and second floors have a living room for the use of all students. It is the responsibility of each resident to keep these areas in an orderly way. Buildings and Grounds is responsible for vacuuming the floors.

Housing Views: Appleton Chase
image image
image image
Exterior, interior, and lounge views in Appleton-Chase


Parking: Convenient parking is available in front of the residence hall. Parking stickers must be obtained from the Buildings and Grounds office.

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Residence representatives:Your residence hall has one student representative who will serve as your liaison to the Buildings and Grounds, the Dean of Students, etc. It is appropriate for you to bring questions and concerns to him/her, and he/she will share information with you at residence hall meetings and in printed materials posted on the bulletin boards on each floor

Access: Guests can use the buzzer next to the front door, which rings (loudly) into your room. List your name beside the appropriate buzzer and test it to be sure it works.

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Storage Your residence hall has limited storage space in the basement for use by full-time residents only. Your room key will give you access to the storage room. This space is not to be used for furniture or appliances, but can store rarely used items such as seasonal clothing. Clearly label all items you place in storage and keep them together in your area. When you move from the residence hall, be sure to take all your stored items with you.

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Washers and dryers: All residence halls have coin-operated washers and dryers in the basement. There is also an ironing board and clothesline for resident use in the laundry room.

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Telephones: Every room has a phone jack for a private phone. Contact Verizon (1-800-870-9999) as soon as possible since it can take weeks for installation. Inquire at the Housing Office to find out the name of the previous resident, as such information will assist the Phone Company. You will need the specific building address (this is not a mailing address): 235 Herrick Rd. You must be on the premises for the phone installation. You may need to contact Buildings and Grounds in order for the service person to gain access to all necessary cables.

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ANTS Full-time residents in these rooms must subscribe to the full board plan which is 11 meals per week. BTI residents will be required to choose from one of the meal plan options.

No refunds can be made for absences from the campus during periods in the school year when classes are not in session.

All rooms in single residence halls are equipped with basic furniture – a desk, bed, lamps and a bureau. Students may request copies of the Andover Newton Housing Policy from the Student Housing Office or print one online at:

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