"In the Footsteps of Saint Francis and Saint Clare."  Assisi, Italy. Margaret Benefiel and Carol Ludwig.  8-17 September.Pilgrimage to Assisi.
Description:  Our Pilgrimage is based in the beautiful Umbrian town of Assisi, hometown of Saints Francis and Clare.  With its cobblestone streets, sacred shrines, and rich tradition of culture, Assisi has been a pilgrimage destination for centuries. Our days will afford ample opportunity to enjoy local cuisine, sample wines, and savor the beauty of landscape,  art, and culture. Pilgrims stay in the Cittadella Ospitalita, located in the historic centre of Assisi. Created as a space for guests to nurture their souls, the Cittadella offers an extensive library, art gallery, and on-site chapel for private worship. 

"The Soul of Leadership ‘Mini’: Leading from Within." Margaret Benefiel and Susie Allen. 10-week program beginning September 27. Two in-person days at Rolling Ridge retreat center in North Andover, MA (September 27 and December 6), with three small group meetings and online work in between. Application Link.
Description: In twenty-first century Western culture, leaders are rewarded for their drive, decisiveness, productivity, and long work hours. What would it look like for a leader to cultivate the inner life, to step off the treadmill, to take time apart for personal reflection? What would leadership arising from a core of spiritual groundedness and compassion look like?

"PRAXIS program." Margaret Benefiel and Perry Dougherty. 9-month program for individuals committed to integrating spirituality into their work on behalf of equality and justice, beginning in October 2013. Three retreats at Still Harbor with bi-weekly evening gatherings throughout the program.
Description:  Are you a social justice advocate? An activist? A movement builder? Do you work to serve others, transform systems, and make a difference in the world? How do you find time to reconnect with your purpose?  How do you develop your capacity to serve out of a sustainable place of love?  How do you nurture faith, hope, and resilience in the face of suffering and hardship?
When you choose a path of service, it is often a direct response to feeling connected to some entity greater than yourself.  Tending to your spiritual life will help you discover the deepest roots of this connection, tap into the restorative and life-giving forces of love and compassion, and connect with gratitude, simplicity, and joy.

"The Soul of Leadership ‘Mini’: Transforming the Organization’s Soul."  Margaret Benefiel and Susie Allen. 10-week program beginning February 7. Two in-person days at a retreat center in the greater Boston area.
Description: Organizations, like individuals, have souls that require tending. This program will combine insights from the field of spirituality and spiritual formation with insights from management and organizational studies to address such questions as: What do spiritual health and spiritual growth look like in organizations?  Does organizational spiritual development parallel individual spiritual development? How can spiritual health and spiritual growth be facilitated in an organization? How do organizational spiritual growth and concern for social justice interrelate?   How does the spirituality of an organization get named, nurtured, and sustained over time?