Sabbath Hour: How It Works

The key word for the Sabbath Hour is flexible!

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There is no one way to receive Sabbath Hour credits. You can grow at your own pace and follow your own interests. It can take one year or 10 years. What Andover Newton offers is a variety of learning experiences, each of which is designated with a specific number of Sabbath Hours.

Among the types of experiences that offer Sabbath Hours are the Woodbury Leadership Workshop, LEARN on-line seminars, lectures, auditing regular courses and video presentations. In order to receive Sabbath Hour credit for these you simply need to register with the Director of Ministry Studies and submit a brief reflection on the experience. You will receive one Sabbath Hour for each hour of participation. The only limitation is that no single experience can provide more than 10 Sabbath Hours. The cost varies from event to event, including options that are free of charge, allowing you to control the financial investment you will make.

Andover Newton offers a variety of Sabbath Hour experiences throughout each year, and the options are expanding. Possibilities include, but are not limited to:

Program Description Time Sabbath Hours
Woodbury Leadership Workshop A one-day leadership events offered annually on campus January 24, 2014 7
LEARN Seminars 2- or 4-week online seminars for church leaders Offered throughout the year 5-10 depending on the seminar
Orlando and Rose Costas Lecture Annual lecture on Latino/a theology October 1
Class Any 3-credit course offered by Andover Newton taken as an auditor Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer terms 10 per class
Ministry Workshops Practical continuing education  Workshops for clergy

Throughout the year

Endorsed Events Continuing education offered by others and endorsed by ANTS Throughout the year Varies

The “Events” page provides links to the various upcoming experiences that provide Sabbath Hours. Each event description will provide you with information about content, cost, and the number of Sabbath Hours it provides. Some events require registrations; others do not. Some events have a registration fee; others do not. Be certain to check this out for the event you are interested in.

You don’t have to do anything prior to an event to receive Sabbath Hour credit. Following the event, submit the Event Reflection form found at the “Resources” link. Within a week of the receipt of the form, you will receive confirmation of your Sabbath Hours, along with an indication of the total number of Sabbath Hours you have accumulated. Once you have received 49 Sabbath Hours, we will make arrangements for you to receive recognition as a Jubilee Fellow.

Ready to learn more?

Take a look at specific upcoming events that offer Sabbath Hour opportunities.