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Student Grievance Procedure

I. Preamble

It is the intention of this procedure to encourage and facilitate resolution of a serious grievance which a student may have with a faculty member, supervisor, administrator or member of the staff. The desire is to resolve the grievance in the early stages of the process. However, the process does provide for full mediation in a fair, equitable and timely manner.

II. Steps in grievance procedure

A. A student who believes she or he has a legitimate grievance should meet promptly with the person immediately involved (i.e. faculty member, supervisor, administrator, member of staff). The procedure is concluded if a mutually acceptable solution is reached. Should either person wish written documentation of the resolution, they shall write such. Each person will sign, date and retain a copy.

B. If the grievance is not mutually resolved, the student may pursue the matter in the following manner:

1. Within seven days of the meeting in IIA, the student should send a written statement to:

a. Chair of department if faculty is involved in grievance (or to Academic Dean if department has no chair or if grievance involves the chair of the department).

b. Supervisor if staff person is involved in grievance.

c. President if administrative person is involved in grievance. (Note: The Dean of Students’ Office is available if the student is unclear about the person to contact or to provide support for students as they go through this process.)

2. The statement must clearly indicate:
a. The nature of the complaint.

b. The steps already taken (must show evidence of II. A.).

3. As soon as possible after receipt of the written statement, the appropriate person (see IIB1a, b, or c above) must:
a. Meet with each party separately.

b. Meet with parties together to attempt to resolve the grievance.

c. If the grievance is resolved, provide a written dated summary within three days which each party will sign. Copies will be filed in the Human Resources Office.

C. If the grievance is not resolved through the steps above, the student may make a written appeal within seven days to the Academic Dean. The written appeal must include evidence that all the above steps have been completed. The Academic Dean will convene a hearing committee as follows:

1. The Academic Dean will select one member of the faculty, one member of the staff, one member of the administration, and two students (in consultation with the Student Executive Officer) to serve on the committee. The Academic Dean will convene the committee as soon as possible after receiving the written request and will apprise the President of the process.

2. The committee will meet to hear and resolve the grievance. The decision will be presented in writing to each party in the grievance with a recommendation to the President. The decision of the President will be final, provided, however, that in any case in which the President was the first person contacted pursuant to II B1c above because an administrative person was involved, the decision of the committee shall be final. The final decision will be kept on file in the Offices of the President, Academic Dean and Director of Human Resources as applicable.

Updated September 21, 2006